Sports Premium

Our P.E Aims

  • for all children to actively take part in Sport in school, during extra-curricular activities and out of school clubs


  • to ensure that all children access, at least, thirty minutes of physical activity during each school day


  • to ensure that all children have access to outstanding P.E lessons, ensuring each child’s needs are met


  • to embed the new P.E curriculum into each Year group, making cross-curricular links where possible


  • to improve every child’s level of fitness from EYFS to when they leave us at the end of KS1


  • to use yoga, child-friendly High Intensity Training and the daily dash throughout the school day as brain-breaks for children to do exercise at any possible moment


  • to ensure that all children leave KS1 feeling safe and comfortable in water, both in the pool and the sea. The children will also learn and know how to keep themselves safe in water, especially in the sea


  • all children have an opportunity to access a wide variety of sporting activities during P.E sessions and Extra-curricular activities