Speak Up Policy (Whistleblowing)


We all have the right be safe all of the time

Kernow Learning welcomes your genuine concerns and is committed to dealing responsibly, openly and professionally with them.

The procedure is intended to supplement, rather than to replace, the existing complaints, grievance procedures and safeguarding policies.  It is intended to cover serious concerns that fall outside the scope of other procedures and may relate to something which:

  • raises a concern about child protection or safeguarding
  • is against Financial Regulations and policies, or a breach of standing financial instructions
  • is against the academies policies and procedures, or
  • unprofessional conduct or conduct below recognised and established standards of practice, or
  • an abuse of power or the use of the powers of a worker’s office for any unauthorised purpose or for personal gain, or
  • unfair discrimination in the provision of services, or
  • the environment has been, or is likely to be, damaged, or
  • shows undue favour over a contractual matter or to a job applicant
  • amounts to improper conduct, including something you believe may be:
      • against the law
      • a Health and Safety risk
      • damaging to the environment
      • misuse of public money
      • corruption or unethical conduct
      • abuse of pupils, parents, members of staff, visitors, or
  • information that any of the above has been, is being, or is likely to be concealed

If something is troubling you, which you think we should know about, or look into, please use the whistle blowing procedure. If, however, you are aggrieved about your personal position, please use the Grievance Procedure or Complaints Procedure as appropriate  .