School Council

SCHOOL COUNCIL - 2019/2020

Meetings are held monthly and are led by Miss Moseley (Y1 and Y2) and by Miss Dodson (Foundation Year).  Minutes of the meetings will be published on this page.  

Year 2 - School Council

Emerald Class: Seb and Ivy

Ruby Class:  Martha and Sorrel

Gold Class:  Poppy-Rose and Isaac

Sapphire Class:  George and Lexi

Diamond Class:  Ida and Lily

Year 1 - School Council

Indigo Class:  Kaia and Oscar

Crimson Class:  Millie and Freddie

Aqua Class:  Sophia and Meredith

Amber Class:  Remi and Olive

Foundation Year - School Council

Green Class:  Harrison and Sophie

Yellow Class:  Harry and Martha

Red Class:  Sophie and Thurston

Purple Class:  Manny and Delcia



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