House Teams

Trenance Learning Academy House Teams


Current House Team Trophy-holders:  Davy House!

In the summer of 2014, the academy introduced a House Team system. The aim is to foster collective competition and provide encouragement to children within Trenance. Every child has been assigned one of four houses; Glanville, Lander, Trevithick or Davy. All members of staff are also put into houses. They are as competitive as the children! Each of the houses are based on four inspirational Cornish heroes and some more details on each of these can be found below!


Ann Glanville (Blue House)

‘Famous Rower’

Ann Glanville was born in Saltash in 1796 at the height of British naval power. At the time, Saltash was a very important transport hub serving bigger ports laden with goods that would travel overseas. She was the mother of fourteen of children, so she certainly had her hands full. However, things became more challenging when her husband was bedridden for a year. During this time she had to take on the role of delivering goods by boat.  These boats were powered simply by her rowing ability. There is a story of Ann transporting eighty bags of corn in her boat on her own for two miles. Ann became famous all over country when she started winning rowing regattas in which she would challenge and beat both men and women. In fact, she was rarely beaten by men and never beaten by a female crew. Her fame reached new heights when she started taking part in rowing regattas in Northern France and beating all-male French crews. Ann’s death in 1706 was marked across the nation with wreaths and letters being sent to her family.

Glanville House Captains 2020/2021:  to be announced


Richard Lander (Green House)

‘Famous Explorer’

Richard Lander was born in Truro in 1804, in a time where people were beginning to travel the world. Young Lander was no different and by the time he was an adult he had travelled to the West Indies. He decided he wanted to be an explorer and left for Africa as a young man. On one of his first expeditions with Hugh Clapperton the whole expedition succumbed to diseases and died. He was the only one left and faced a trek of hundreds of miles back to the sea. Eventually, he made it back to home to Cornwall. Over the course of his career he was vital in mapping parts of Nigeria and Niger; particularly the River Niger. Lander survived deadly diseases, killer animals and angry locals. His last exhibition was in 1834 where the native people killed him whilst he was exploring.

Lander House Captains 2020/2021:  to be announced


Richard Trevithick (Yellow House)

‘Famous Engineer’

Richard Trevithick was born in Illogan, Redruth in 1771. At the time, this was one of the most expensive areas in the world due to mining. He was the first man to invent, design and construct a steam engine to run on rails. Trevithick created engines such as The Puffing Devil and Catch Me Who Can. He soon took his inventions to London where he charged people to ride his train, which reached a top speed of 10 miles an hour! Unfortunately, his early trains were exceptionally heavy and they became unprofitable because the tracks they ran on would break after a few trips. Trevithick travelled all over the world supporting and spreading his inventions. He built steam pumps in Argentina and Peru and tunnels under the Thames. Trevithick was truly a revolutionary figure in industry during the Industrial Revolution.

Trevithick House Captains 2020/2021:  to be announced


Humphrey Davy (Red House)

‘Famous Scientist’

Humphrey Davy was born in Penzance. He is one of world’s most important scientists. Davy used electrolysis to separate individual elements so they could be discovered and studied.  He used this process to discover potassium, sodium and calcium. We now know that these are in the salt you eat and the milk you drink! Davy is known as the father of electrochemistry because of the technique he pioneered. However, his contribution can also be seen outside the world of chemistry. A group of miners from North-East England wrote to Davy asking him to invent a lamp that would not ignite gases in the mines. Davy responded by inventing the Davy Lamp which saved countless lives by separating the flame from the outside air by glass. Davy’s work left a lasting imprint on the world of science and mining.

Davy House Captains 2020/2021:  to be announced


How the house point system works

Each house has two House Captains from Year Two who are elected by their fellow classmates. There is one boy and one girl for each house and they remain as captain for the entire school year.  There will also be fundraising events in which house points are given for the best performing houses. 

Sports Day is the biggest event in determining the final points for the end of the academic year.  At Sports Day the children compete in their houses and during the day lots of points are awarded to the children who take part. A shield is awarded to the house with the most points at the end of Sports Day for each year group.

When the school year is finished the points for each house are counted up to give the grand total for the year. The winning house is awarded the house cup. Davy House won the House cup last year (2018/2019) and are looking to keep their title again this year!

 COMPETITION TIME.......... to be announced soon