Golden Time on Fridays

It's a new Friday Golden Time

We are not currently following our usual 'free flow' Golden Time due to Covid-safe restrictions.  Golden Time activities are held within closed year groups.  

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During the summer term 2019 we introduced a new ‘free flow’ Golden Time format whereby the children choose from a range of activities in various Zones.  They may stay in one place or move around the school to take part in several activities  -  its their choice!  They can choose from activities such as:

Oasis Zone:  play with sand

Playground Zone:  e.g. parachute games, skipping, marbles etc.

Story Zone: e.g. story-telling, story yoga, comics & newspapers etc.

Sports Zone:  e.g. ball games, hoops, wooden workout

Creative Zone: e.g. colouring, paining, printing

Music & Dance Zone:  featuring Mr. Gerry!!

Construction Zone:  e.g. lego, knex, big blocks

Toys & Games Zone:  e.g. bring in your own toys, board games etc.

Problem Solving/Puzzle Zone:  Sudoku, snakes & ladders etc.

Woodland Zone:  e.g. den building

EYFS Chill out/Calm Zone:  simply chilling out!!

Whilst our new Foundation Year children are getting settled, they will have their own Golden Time activities in YF classrooms (free-flow).

We hope the children have been telling you all about it!