The 1996 Education Act makes it very clear that Parents must ensure that their child of school age receives regular, full time education.  In September 2013 the Government announced that schools are no longer permitted to authorise term time holidays.  In this respect, please write to Mrs. Clare Crowle, Executive Headteacher, if you intend to remove your child from education for any reason that is not medical related.  Parents can be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice by the Academy, Local Authority or the Police, for their child’s non-attendance. 

See the Academy’s ‘Attendance Fact Sheet for Parents/Carers’ for more details.

Fact: By the end of the academic year for every day of school missed by a pupil it will reduce their attendance by 0.5%.  Ten whole days of school has been missed if your child has 95% attendance. This is considered persistently absent.  Twenty whole days of school has been missed if a pupil’s attendance is 90%.

By the time a pupil’s attendance falls to 85%  they have missed 6 weeks or half a term of schooling.